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First Atlantic (FAC) Payments Plugin is your good to go extension for handling eCommerce and Marketplace billing for Laraship Laravel platform. integrate FAC seamlessly with Laravel eCommerce and Marketplace platforms to support provide card Credit card one-time payment billing, You can enable it along with other payment gateways like PayPal or configure it as a standalone payment gateway.

FAC payment is very popular in South America and mainly  East Caribbean,  Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Belize, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Cayman Islands

Here’s how to view your preapproved payment information:

Features :

  1. Capture and Refund Payments.
  2. Use along with other payment gateways like Stripe and gives end-users the option to select their preferred gateway.
  3. Simple Installation and well-documented instructions.
  4. Support both Sandbox and live environments so you can test your platform before going live.
  5. secure checkout using tokenization authentication without redirecting outside your stores.


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