How to Start Your Booking Platform


Depending on the type of business you run, you may have more or fewer meetings and/or appointments with your customers and clients. To schedule meetings and appointments, you probably use a few of the available ways and techniques, such as booking at your location, through a phone call, or through email.

All these methods require time and effort to ensure that your customers are well taken care of, everything is scheduled at the right time and place and the business can run smoothly. But what if we told you that booking your meetings and appointments could become much easier and faster than this? Or that your bookings don’t have to require that much of your or your employees’ time and you could focus on the more important aspects of your business?


Define Your Requirements

One of the first things you should do when choosing any tool or service for your business should be to define the goals that you wish to achieve with it. Having no specified benefits or goals that you want to reach won’t get you far. When you pick a tool and start paying for it, you need to have clear objectives associated with it. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting your time and money on something that just doesn’t deliver any satisfactory results. This is exactly what needs to be done before you commit to that one, perfectly tailored to your needs booking platform: you need objectives.

Do you want your online booking platform to integrate smoothly with your calendar, or would you rather not share your availability publicly with anyone that can find it? Do you care about having the option to customize a design that fits your brand’s personality and approach to customer service? Other things to consider include aspects like how many employees will be using your chosen online booking system to book appointments and manage their schedules, as well as whether or not you could potentially require ongoing technical support and other premium perks to meet the demands of your clients. Once you have identified your main wishes regarding your perfect online booking platform, you can continue your hunt.


What’s Your revenue model and payment method

One of the most important aspects of an online booking platform, both for you and your customers, is how you’re going to manage payments. First of all, think about how you want them to be sorted out: whether you want to accept cash at your location, or upfront online payments done through your website. The possibilities are endless in this term, but the possibility that every tool will have a wide range of payment methods available is rather very low. For this reason, you should first think about your preferred payment methods and then look for tools that will offer those methods.


What’s the Running Cost?

We can’t forget about the pricing aspect. The bottom line of businesses is very important and therefore looking out for opportunities to save money from the budget is sometimes a great strategy. Before picking your only and only online booking platform,  determine the cost of each service based on monthly or yearly fees, as well as the setup costs (if any).

You can’t also forget about transaction fees when clients pay through the site instead of cash or credit card directly with staff members at your location. You need to be thoughtful of the costs you will be exposed to and determine how much you’re willing to spend. Again, take a broader look and check out pricing plans of at least a few providers.



We’ve reached the end of this article. We deeply hope you now have a sufficient understanding of how complex and challenging choosing an online booking platform can be. There certainly are numerous factors contributing to finding the one and only. Luckily for you, though, we’ve come to rescue you and now you don’t have to worry about not knowing where to start your search.


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