Which Laraship Elite Modules are compatible with Laraship Marketplace?

Which Laraship Elite Modules are compatible with Laraship Marketplace?

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalWhich Laraship Elite Modules are compatible with Laraship Marketplace?
Adam Eunson asked 1 month ago
I have recently bought the extended licence for Marketplace and have also purchased the Elite extended licence so I can use the modules, themes and plugins in our marketplace installation. Though I have been informed that not all the modules and plugins are compatible with Marketplace, which came as a surprise. So which modules are not compatible and which ones are, as there is no mention of this anywhere in the documentation.


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laraship Staff answered 1 month ago
According to Laraship Elite Description “Laraship Elite Package provides you with the complete set of our solutions, plugins except for the marketplace and reservation ones,”
however many of the plugins under Elite can work under Marketplace, for example

  • Advertisement Module
  • Referral Module
  • Trouble Ticket Module
  • Messaging Module
  • Subscription Module
  • CMS Module
  • Slider Module

if you want to inquire about specific module please let us know

Adam Eunson
replied 1 month ago

Well I understood from the description that I would have to buy them separately, my enquiry was in regards to which of the modules within the elite package can I install onto my marketplace account. As the marketplace3 demo has all of them installed but I was informed that not all of them are compatible. Could you please let me know exactly which ones are, and which ones aren’t please. Thank you

Staff replied 1 month ago

If you find them installed and active on the demo it means it’s fine to be installed together

Adam Eunson
replied 4 weeks ago

OK. I’ve had a look and is there a possibility of accessing the entity module please? As the reservation module cannot be installed without it. Thank you

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