User Management

Profile Management, Access Control, Authentication Management

Profile Management, Roles and Permissions, Login / Register / Forgot Password, Two Factor Authentication, Social Login

Subscriptions Management

Plans Management, Subscription Management,Features Management

Supports Multiple Products with different subscriptions, Subscribe / Cancel Subscription / Upgrade, Offline Subscriptions, Webhooks, Subscriptions Nortifications

Website Manager

Menu Builder, Setting Management, Activity log, File Manager

Manage dashboard and website menus, handle different settings like single value, array, files, numeric, monitors user activities and handle exceptions.

Content Management

CMS, Slider Manager, File Manager, Google Analytics

Manage pages, posts, news, categories, tags with Page Builder,video / image and HTML Sliders, manage your files and embed them easily to HTML editors

Payment Management

Invoices, Tax Classes, Taxes, Coupons, Reports, Offline Payments

Supports more than 10 payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, 2checkout,

eCommerce Management

Shippable, downloadable, Premium content access, Variable products, Discounts

Various product types with ajax cart and checkout wizard, coupons, discounts, shippo integration, manual shipping

Notification Manager

Email Notifications, Web Notifications, SMS Notifications

Manage Notification Templates, User Preferences notifications selection, customize title and body of notifications.

Advertisement Management

Banners, Zones, Campaigns, Advertisers, Analytics

Need ads management, Laraship ad manager give you the full cycle from ad tracking starting by advertisers and end by clicks

Referral Management

Referral Programs, Points & Rewards

create multiple referral programs and award point on registration or subscription

Newsletter Management

Mailing lists, subscriptions, newsletter, mail builder

Use our awesome newsletter builder to mange subscribers and send emails to your clients

SEO Manager

Keywords, meta structure, open graph

Laraship is built with best SEO standards to help your website getting index faster!

Cache Management

Model Caching, Database Caching, Views Caching, Assets Caching

Looking for high speed web application, Laraship loads in less than a second

Auto Updates

Check for Updates, Remote Install, License checker

With remote updates you don't have to worry about staying up to date, Laraship provides you with module updates with single click

Easy to Customize & Extend

Filters , Actions, Extend Themes, Create your own plugins, Custom Fields

Laraship is the most extendable framework with many different way to customize it based on your needs, using 5 different ways

Plug & Play

Module Manager on the file

with Laraship Module Manager, you can activate / deactivate , install, uninstall your modules on the fly with one click

Form Builder

14 Different Field, Embed Any where, Auto responders

with Laraship Form Builder you can build form and automate data collection and submissions at one place

More Than 10 Payment Gateways

Laraship Subscriptions Management powers leading providers for processing payments. Laraship provided a comprehensive solution to integrate it with your payment gateway including Stripe , Paypal,, Braintree, 2checkout, SecurionPay, and others,

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